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Peter Lyons specializes in photographing high-end architecture and interiors, yachting, and maritime commerce. He began his career on the waters of San Francisco Bay, shooting sailing regattas, cruising, and shipping. Today you’re as likely to find him creating marketing shots in a custom kitchen as you are to spot him at the start of a race.

Indoors and out, light is Peter's medium.  In natural light,  he positions a boat and may use a filter or an adventurous angle for ultimate effect. On an architectural shoot,  he can take full control over lighting to show each space at its best. Ambient light and strobes are carefully balanced to reveal shape and texture and to evoke the intended mood. He has a natural eye for design and space and has studied with prominent photographers to hone and refine this talent.

 Peter is hard working and easy going. His even-tempered nature and sincere zeal and interest in every project is well-known in the industry, and has contributed to the long and loyal relationships he's built with real estate agents, contractors, designers and architects. He has friended the sailing world and produces beautiful photographs that capture one of a kind moments on the water.  Both on water and on land, his clients come to rely on his expert artistry, attention to detail, and fierce reliability to get the job done.

Peter lives in Petaluma, California, with his wife, Caroline, and their blended family of eight kids.